Movie Credits – BORING!



Who sits through the movie credits at the end of the movie?  I mean, when it says, “The End,” isn’t it THE END! Who cares to watch a bunch of names scrolling down the screen, or up, that you don’t know.  The only motivation to watch is if you happen to know someone whose name will appear.  But, otherwise we switch off the movie when the names appear.

It’s kinda like that with Paul’s Epistles.  At the end of most of his letters he begins either a short or long list of people he wants to mention.  Because these names are, 1) hard to pronounce, 2) unknown to us, and 3) after the end, we have a tendency to just skip over these names.  Why?  Because they’re like movie credits just rolling on the screen.

As we conclude our study of Ephesians we will be ending with the final four verses of the letter.  Paul takes it easy on us in Ephesians and names only one person, his secretary.  Tychicus is the one who wrote what Paul had dictated to him.  But, we will actually take some time to look at some of Paul’s other lists that are much longer.  Just as with movie credits naming the people who were NEEDED to complete the movie we watched, so also are the names at the end of his letters. Without these people the church could not have progressed and grown.

You know, maybe we are a bit like the people in these lists, over-looked, under appreciated and forgotten.  But, without YOU the work of God can’t grow and progress.  Each person in the body of Christ is necessary for the function of the body.  Sunday we will look at some of these people to see how important each on of us are.

The next time you watch a movie, stop to look at some of the names scrolling in front of you and silently thank them for a job well done!  And, the next time you’re in church, look around at the “forgotten” people and verbally thank them.


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