It’s Friday!


I think I know a group of over 40 workers who are probably saying, “TGIF!” It is a group of people who were up early each day and worked hard each day.  It was a HOT week, and all of the classes didn’t have air conditioning.  The craft people only had some fans blowing.  But, they came each day to have a ministry to all those who came.  Of course, the workers I’m referring to are our VBS workers.  YEAH!

Now that the work is over, Friday has come, I’m sure each one will get a good night of rest.  They can reflect on the week and see how much the Lord blessed their efforts.  Without them we could have never had such a great week.

Our totals are amazing; high of 122 students on Monday, low of 118 on Tuesday.  We had students who prayed to trust the Lord as their Saviour.  We averaged 11 adults in a class designed for them.  Our music was great and the drama was tremendous.  And, we were raising funds for believers to receive their first Bible and we exceeded our goal.  

Yet, even though Friday is here, as the popular statement goes, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming.” My question to you is, are you getting ready for Sunday?  Since it is the first Sunday of the month we will have our communion service.  Be preparing your heart for this special time of directed worship.

Remember, Friday is NOT the most important day on the week, rather, it’s Sunday.


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