Counterfeit or Real?

Counterfeit bills  

If you received a counterfeit $100 bill could you tell the difference?  Are your eyes trained well enough to see the errors?  Most of us would be deceived.  We would not see the problems with he bill and then we would simply spend it like all other moneys we have.  But, if someone trained to spot counterfeit caught us they would call the police.  Then, we would have a lot of explaining to do!

But, even though counterfeit money isn’t a good thing, many other types of fake items are sold everyday.  I’ve walked the streets of Thailand and have seen seen “real” Rolex watches and Gucci purses.  The cost is pennies on the dollar to the proper price.  The reason for this is obvious, they are FAKE!  Now, I know that and I’ve had fun bargaining for these trinkets.  But, since I know they are fake, I am not losing anything.  Yet, some unsuspecting customers might actually believe they are real and be quite disappointed when they find out the truth.

This coming week in our Vacation Bible School we will be examining such topics.  We will  learn many ways to discern truth from error.  We will learn how to look at evidences and tell wether they point to something fictitious or faithful.  We will investigate what clues to look for and what conclusions we should come to.

Let me ask you a question, what would you do is you realized you had a counterfeit $100 bill?  Would you take it to the bank, knowing you would be thanked for turning it in, but given nothing in return?  Or, would you spend it, hoping you didn’t get caught?  More importantly, what would you do if you find out you are following the wrong God? What if you learn your God is fake?  Would you turn that god in, knowing you would be given the true God in return?  Our prayer is that each one will find the true and living God this week in DVBS.



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