Counterfeit or Real?

Counterfeit bills  

If you received a counterfeit $100 bill could you tell the difference?  Are your eyes trained well enough to see the errors?  Most of us would be deceived.  We would not see the problems with he bill and then we would simply spend it like all other moneys we have.  But, if someone trained to spot counterfeit caught us they would call the police.  Then, we would have a lot of explaining to do!

But, even though counterfeit money isn’t a good thing, many other types of fake items are sold everyday.  I’ve walked the streets of Thailand and have seen seen “real” Rolex watches and Gucci purses.  The cost is pennies on the dollar to the proper price.  The reason for this is obvious, they are FAKE!  Now, I know that and I’ve had fun bargaining for these trinkets.  But, since I know they are fake, I am not losing anything.  Yet, some unsuspecting customers might actually believe they are real and be quite disappointed when they find out the truth.

This coming week in our Vacation Bible School we will be examining such topics.  We will  learn many ways to discern truth from error.  We will learn how to look at evidences and tell wether they point to something fictitious or faithful.  We will investigate what clues to look for and what conclusions we should come to.

Let me ask you a question, what would you do is you realized you had a counterfeit $100 bill?  Would you take it to the bank, knowing you would be thanked for turning it in, but given nothing in return?  Or, would you spend it, hoping you didn’t get caught?  More importantly, what would you do if you find out you are following the wrong God? What if you learn your God is fake?  Would you turn that god in, knowing you would be given the true God in return?  Our prayer is that each one will find the true and living God this week in DVBS.



Throwback Thursday



Throwback Thursday, a new cultural phenomenon that has gone viral!  Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets are filled with old pictures that some people would have rather been kept in the dark.  Wow, seeing the old hairstyles, old fads, and just plain old pictures sure causes one to reminisce.  How many times is this phrase used on Throwback Thursday, “Time sure flies.” 

I want to challenge you to have a “Throwback Thursday” any day of the week.  That is, I want you to reflect on the blessings the Lord has given you over these years.  Psalm 103:2 says, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and do not forget His benefits.”  I wonder, if you were to post a picture of your past blessings, which ones would you choose?

One problem with all of this is that for many of us our memories are too short for what should be remembered and too long for what shouldn’t!  Oh, it’s easy to remember the hurtful word and painful jab, but it’s seems hard to remember that word of encouragement or pat on the back.  It’s easy to remember the time you felt the Lord had left you alone, and it seems hard to remember the time He carried you through the difficult times.  We need a spiritual time for a throwback memory session.

Where are the places, who are the people, and what the events  could you post as to the memories which come to your mind?  As your heart aches over problems of life, you need to remember God’s blessings and promises.  The newer song, “10,000 Reasons” calls us to this time of reflection and remembering.

Before you forget, do it NOW.  Don’t actually wait until Thursday.

Throwback THursday pix

Are You in the battle?


Is this a battle field or game field?  Are these men playing games or fighting for their lives.  Anyone can se that this is not just a game being played.  These men are in a battle to the death for their lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers.  Battlefields are places where life and death is seen.  Real weapons and real death are all around.  If you want to be uninvolved, you best not join the military.  But, in some battles, we have no choice but to be involved.  When the battle comes to your front door, you can only refuse to fight to your own peril.

In Ephesians 6:10-20 the Apostle Paul will remind us that we are in a battle.  We live on a battlefield.  The Christian life is not a play ground where we just sit around and are happy all day.  We are constantly surrounded by an enemy that wants our demise.  He, and his hosts, want our spiritual ruin.  We have no choice of being in the battle.  Our choices are wether we will fight with God’s strength and God’s armor.

No good soldier would enter a battle without a knowledge of their enemy.  They will be briefed on the strategy and fire power of the opponent. The leaders of the soldiers will do their best to give them the best armament possible.  Helmets, bullet proof vests,  and good weapons are part of a soldiers preparation.  Once trained and outfitted, the soldiers are sent into battle.

How prepared are you?  How vigilant are you each day to be sure the enemy doesn’t defeat you?  Sunday we will begin a look at the battle, our enemy, his tactics, and our defense against him.  If you are unsure of what you need to be doing, come to hear God’s Word and its instruction for this fierce battle.

This week the USA celebrated the 238th anniversary of our independence from Great Britain.  We know the long battle and many deaths it took to gain our freedom.  Over these years many others have fought and some have died to keep us free.  What an appropriate weekend to begin this study.  The Bible gives us wisdom to fight.

Soldier with Bible