Have you heard any good news?


Have you heard any good news lately?  Today the USA moved on in the World Cup championship games!  That’s god news.  Tim Lincecum threw a second no-hitter in two years.  That’s good news.  Most of us are probably glad for these results.  But, in a few years no one will care much about this good news.

A better good news can be thought about.  This good news is good news in any generation.  To share this good news should be a joy in our lives.  To tell people that “there is a Saviour” will bring joy to some hearts. This week Josh and I have been attending the annual GARBC conference which has the Gospel as the center of preaching.  We’ve heard many good messages that have pointed us back to this essential truth.

If you have heard and responded to this good news you should give thanks to the messenger that brought it to you.  In fact, each of us should be so thankful that we will pass on this good news.  We have been reminded that the bad news is that we are lost and dead in our sins.  But, even though we are dead in sin, God comes to shine the light of the Gospel into our heart to bring it to life.  We can turn to Him to receive forgiveness and a new life.

So many today are changing the message.  These false preachers have changed the message to a point that it will bring salvation to know one!  Good news isn’t good news if it isn’t true.  We must be vigilant to keep the truth THE TRUTH.

Today, be thankful someone shared it with you and then let’s go tell someone else.




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