What’s in your safe?


What’s in your safe?  Some people keep their valuables in a safe.   Some people keep their guns in a safe.  I know people who have money stashed in safes all around town.  In one home we lived in we had a floor safe!  It was inside our walk-in closet and was covered by carpet.  It was just full of valuables! 🙂  Ok, it kept our important papers but no money.  But, just in case we needed it it is was there.

I suppose we all know what Fort Knox is?  Fort Knox is the depository of the gold reserves for the United States.  Is all the gold controlled by America actually in Fort Knox?  Is there really ANY gold in Fort Knox?  Well, since 1937 gold has been on deposit in its vaults.  The main vault lies below ground lined with granite.  The door “is protected with a blast-proof door weighing 22 tons.”  And, it is said that not any one person can open the vault.  Outside the main building the grounds are surrounded by a maze of fencing and military personnel for protection.  Sounds pretty safe to me!  And, it is accessible if need be.

Do you know that each one of us has a safe?  It may not be in your floor, in the wall, or at your bank.  But, we have a safe.  It is to hold the most valuable possessions we have.  It should be consistently guarded and added to.  Our safe is called our heart.  The Psalmist says in Psalm 119:11, “Your Word I have treasured in my heart.”  Our heart is to be the depository of God’s Word.  Each day we should be making deposits.  And, regularly we should be making withdrawals.  But, unlike any other type of valuables we own, this possession, once used, can simply be put back into our safe.  

In some safes are yellowed papers from many years ago.  These papers must be handled with care so as to be preserved.  For some of us, we placed a valuable verse or biblical principle into our safe long ago.  And, that verse or principle has just sat in the safe and is yellowed from non-use.  For some people, their safe is pretty empty due to a lack of deposits.  For others, the safe is quite full, but it is never accessed for a withdrawal.

Today, think about your safe.  What’s in it?  What have you taken out recently?  In your safe you have different “safe deposit boxes” where you can place verses.  Today, go to your safe and use its contents.  




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