A Theology of WORK



Does this caption describe you?  I hope not!  What a terrible situation it would be if this was the motivation for working.  On Sunday we looked at six words that should describe our working attitude.  Let me list them and then you can ask yourself how you are doing:

     1.  Humanly – we have a human boss we obey.  How is that going?

     2.  Respectfully – we should have a considerate attitude.  How’s that going?

     3.  Sincerely – we are to have single focus, not duplicitous.  How’s that going?

     4.  Conscientiously – we are to not just be obedient when someone is looking.  How’s that going?

     5.  Pleasantly – we are to have an enthusiasm at work.  How’s that going?

     6.  Futuristically – we are to look to heaven at our “real” Master.  How’s that going?

As we go to work each day we are to sure that we serve our “masters” in the same way we would serve the Master of our souls.  He is the One we are truly seeking to please.  How we work and what we accomplish should bring Him glory.

We will continue this study as we follow up on Eph. 6:5-9.  If you can’t be here you can find the recordings on our website fblosgatos.org.

The story is told that as a family drove past a group of men working on the road they spotted a sign that said “men working.”  As they passed the sign the husband said to his wife, “I hope they are!” 🙂




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