Walking in Wisdom


Don’t you just love the commercials that ask, “Got milk?”  They show a person eating a delicious looking cookie and then looking for a cold glass of milk.  Not finding one the person almost chokes on the delicious cookie.  The message?  Milk is the most import part of eating a cookie!

So it is with life.  In our world, a premium has been placed on the acquisition of knowledge.  Over the past 100 years or so we have been told that the more education you receive, the smarter you will be.  More and more emphasis has been placed upon getting a degree.  At one time an 8th grade education was thought sufficient, and a high school diploma was better.  Then, it was the high school diploma that was sufficient, but a college degree was better.  Now we have come to a place where even a Ph.D degree doesn’t seem to be enough.

Yet, with all the education being “eaten” in our culture, it seems we have less and less of what is really important; wisdom.  After spending multiple years to acquire knowledge, we will be very disappointed when we come to realize education isn’t enough.  Knowing how or what just isn’t as important as knowing when.  Applying our knowledge at the right time is more important than randomly applying our knowledge.  Wisdom teaches us that principle.

Yet, even more important than wisdom alone is Godly wisdom.  We’ll call that “Wisdom 2.0” Wisdom 1.0 is the wisdom man dispenses.  Yet, it needs updating and replacing.  On Sunday we will see in Ephesians 5:15-17 that aspect of walking in our everyday lives that requires God’s wisdom.  Read Ephesians 5:1-17 in preparation for our study.



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